I initially started making with widgets when I discovered Konfabulator for pc and mac, which is now called Yahoo Widgets. After switching over to a Mac Mini with Mac OS X 10.4, I decided to try my hand at making Dashboard widgets.

BOMRadar.Au v1.5.2 - Dashboard

BomRadar Front BomRadar Front

This widget displays the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)’s weather radar for the selected location in Australia. You can also resize the widget to whatever size you wish.

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New in this version:

  • Added Melbourne Broadmeadows radar

BOMRadar.Au 1.5.1

  • Fixed problem with connecting to the BOM server

BOMRadar.Au 1.5

  • Updated radars in Hobart

BOMRadar.Au 1.4

  • Added new radars in NSW and Queensland

BOMRadar.Au 1.3

  • Updated changed radars, including Perth
  • Added Melbourne Airport

BOMRadar.Au 1.2

  • Added rainfall maps where available
  • Added error message if images are unavailable

BOMRadar.Au 1.1:

  • Added doppler wind radar maps where available.
  • Added widget size details to preferences so it retains them through logouts and shutdowns
  • Now updates display every 10 minutes while dashboard is open
  • Checks version number against www.kabyn.com once a week to inform user when a new version is available.
  • Fixed minor display/update bugs